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Firm belief in zero carbon transition Repullanjun released the global zero carbon strategy

January 7, 2023

Latest company news about Firm belief in zero carbon transition Repullanjun released the global zero carbon strategy

The world is currently experiencing a revolution in "green energy". In this uncertain world, the biggest certainty of the next 30 years is that the world's major economies are actively transitioning to a zero-carbon economy.

In the past five years, Rupu Lanjun Energy Co., Ltd. has become the enterprise with the shortest establishment time but the fastest development in the industry, which is closely related to the zero-carbon product strategy of "limit creation, create a combination of power and storage" formulated by the company. With the rapid development of new energy, in order to stand out in the global market competition, it is necessary to quickly find the differentiated competitive advantages of enterprises. In 2022, Ruipu Lanjun will join hands with major power and energy storage customers at home and abroad to boost the rapid development of the global zero-carbon industry.

Extreme Create boost products zero carbonization

In the context of global zero-carbon transition, the power and energy storage market has evolved into a trillion-level market track, and new energy has entered the era of TWh. Since its inception, Ruipu Lanjun has participated in global competition with an international pattern. In the product architecture system of extreme creation, the electric cell is the most core key component. Ruipu Lanjun meets the strict requirements of domestic and foreign power markets through three dimensions: polar core design, extreme manufacturing and extreme factory.

In the aspect of polar core design, the product focuses on three new strategies of structural innovation, electrochemical innovation and material innovation.

Adhering to the design concept of high surface density and high pressure solid, centering on the multi-dimensional solid-liquid interface design technology of double high design, through non-destructive detection technology and simulation technology, in-depth research and construction of multi-dimensional pore structure has achieved a breakthrough in infiltration technology, so that the solid-liquid interface has achieved a perfect controllable state. The industry-leading SCL electrode design technology comprehensively improves the cost and product consistency of the cell. The Qending cell released in 2022 adopts the third-generation limit structure design. It is an innovative platform technology for structure, process and manufacturing. At the same time, the reliability of booster cell in life cycle application.

In extreme manufacturing, the minimum investment of fixed assets is used to maximize the single-line manufacturing capacity. At the same time, the management of Ruipu Lanjun has been constantly upgraded and improved after countless audits by first-class customers at home and abroad in different application fields. No matter the power or energy storage products, it adopts first-class automobile gauge level manufacturing methods at home and abroad, lean quality control of the whole process and advanced GK management, so as to achieve the ultimate quality of products and continuously reduce manufacturing costs.

In terms of acme factory, it adopts the international perspective of low-carbon development, combines intelligent energy management with green electricity application, and builds a new generation of zero-carbon factory. In the construction of new bases, it actively promotes the construction of zero-carbon construction and the construction of data-based intelligent factory.

Based on the three dimensions of polar core design, extreme manufacturing and extreme factory, Rupu Lanjun has established a perfect management system and global product standard certification. In quality management, environmental management, information security, social responsibility has been certified at home and abroad, but also is carrying out ISO14067 certification. Both power and energy storage products have obtained the standard testing and certification of many countries and regions at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Ruipulan Jun pays great attention to the safety performance, especially the thermal runaway performance. All kinds of products not only adopt the national standard, but also adopt UL9540A to test and verify the levels of batteries, modules, systems and battery clusters.

At present, the supporting models of Ruipu Lanjun battery cover the mainstream customers at home and abroad, the mileage from 200 km to 700 km, in the next three years, Ruipu Lanjun will still adhere to the product strategy of dynamic storage linkage, promote the application of high nickel, silicon carbon anode, semi-solid battery, composite system, and further cover the range of 700-1000 km or more products.

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