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China Mingyang  Steel (Jiangsu) Co., LTD
Mingyang Steel (Jiangsu) Co., LTD
Mingyang Steel (Jiangsu) Co., LTD is a professional supplier of stainless steel products. The main products include steel sheets, steel plates, steel coils, steel pipes, steel tubes, steel bars, steel circles, square steel, hexagonal bar, steel tube, steel pipe fittings, flanges, etc. And also we can produce according to the requirments of the costomer. The production capacity of our company is anout 200000 tons per year.The total area of manufactory is about 60, 000square meters and it has its ...
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Quality Stainless Steel Metal Sheet & 304 Stainless Steel Sheet factory

Mill Edge Stainless Steel Metal Sheet 8K EN Standard 1000mm-2000mm



Price Term:FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, Etc.

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DIN Standard Stainless Steel Metal Sheet 0.05mm-150mm 1000mm-6000mm Length


Package:Standard Export Package, Suit For All Kinds Of Transport, Or As Required.


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316 316l 430 Stainless Steel Coil Sheet Plate Strip Ss 304 Cold Rolled 16mm Video

316 316l 430 Stainless Steel Coil Sheet Plate Strip Ss 304 Cold Rolled 16mm

Name:Hot Rolled Steel Coil

Technique:Cold Rolled,Hot Rolled


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Etched 316L SS Sheet 0.3mm-6.0mm Thickness For Industrial Use

Edge:Mill Edge, Slit Edge



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2023-08-16 16:55:59
Glad to recieved the cargos,they're good used and it's a good buy exprience.thks jack,keep long term business!
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The goods very well,i'm happy.i think it should be good for application. keep in touch!
Mick Blue
2023-08-16 16:57:12
hi i pick up the goods,it looks very good. hope to cooperate long time.
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Tisco bimetal saw blade with steel instead of imported
Tisco bimetal saw blade with steel instead of imported
Recently, TISCO bimetal saw blade successfully entered a German-funded enterprise to replace imported products.   Bimetallic saw blade steel also called hot rolled alloy tool steel X32, alloy content up to 8%. The annual demand of this product in the domestic market is about 25,000 tons, and the related industries all use imported materials. After 2016, only a small number of domestic steel enterprises led by TISCO have the production capacity of this product. However, this product poses a huge challenge to the manufacturing capacity of the existing steelmaking and hot rolling production lines in terms of composition, strength and brittleness of materials, and at the same time, the structure and performance of steel coil are unstable.   In the face of production difficulties and market challenges, TISCO marketing center, technology center and hot rolling mill play the spirit of facing the difficulties and fighting repeatedly, adhere to the close communication with users, constantly optimize the ingredients, adjust the rolling scheme and annealing process, has been the end user of many domestic saw blade production enterprises highly recognized. In 2020, TISCO's market share of bimetal saw blade steel reached more than 50%, becoming the only steel production enterprise with stable supply capacity in China.   A German-funded enterprise has nine production bases in Europe, Asia and North and South America, providing 780,000 tons of personalized, differentiated high quality cold rolled products to the world every year. The annual demand of bimetal saw blade in China is about 5,000 tons, and materials imported from Germany have been used since its establishment. Over the years, TISCO marketing, technical personnel continue to communicate with its related technology, production. At the end of February 2022, TISCO's marketing center, technology center and hot rolling mill worked closely together to seize the favorable opportunity and target the pain points of unstable delivery time and high manufacturing cost of imported raw materials. In April, TISCO successfully supplied 395 tons of bimetal saw blade steel to the company in terms of ingredient design, hot rolling scheme, delivery time and loading and shipping under the epidemic situation. The trial result is good and has been recognized by the downstream saw blade manufacturers. In August, the company ordered another 600 tons of steel for bimetal saw blades and said it would replace imported products at a later stage.   The successful development of steel for bimetallic saw blade of TISCO not only provides users with a stable and direct domestic supply of goods, and gets rid of the trouble of high price of imported raw materials and unstable delivery time, but also marks the further development of TISCO products on the road of "high precision and new", which lays a good foundation for the replacement of imported high-end precision blanking tool steel in the future, and has a broad application prospect.
Firm belief in zero carbon transition Repullanjun released the global zero carbon strategy
Firm belief in zero carbon transition Repullanjun released the global zero carbon strategy
The world is currently experiencing a revolution in "green energy". In this uncertain world, the biggest certainty of the next 30 years is that the world's major economies are actively transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. In the past five years, Rupu Lanjun Energy Co., Ltd. has become the enterprise with the shortest establishment time but the fastest development in the industry, which is closely related to the zero-carbon product strategy of "limit creation, create a combination of power and storage" formulated by the company. With the rapid development of new energy, in order to stand out in the global market competition, it is necessary to quickly find the differentiated competitive advantages of enterprises. In 2022, Ruipu Lanjun will join hands with major power and energy storage customers at home and abroad to boost the rapid development of the global zero-carbon industry. Extreme Create boost products zero carbonization In the context of global zero-carbon transition, the power and energy storage market has evolved into a trillion-level market track, and new energy has entered the era of TWh. Since its inception, Ruipu Lanjun has participated in global competition with an international pattern. In the product architecture system of extreme creation, the electric cell is the most core key component. Ruipu Lanjun meets the strict requirements of domestic and foreign power markets through three dimensions: polar core design, extreme manufacturing and extreme factory. In the aspect of polar core design, the product focuses on three new strategies of structural innovation, electrochemical innovation and material innovation. Adhering to the design concept of high surface density and high pressure solid, centering on the multi-dimensional solid-liquid interface design technology of double high design, through non-destructive detection technology and simulation technology, in-depth research and construction of multi-dimensional pore structure has achieved a breakthrough in infiltration technology, so that the solid-liquid interface has achieved a perfect controllable state. The industry-leading SCL electrode design technology comprehensively improves the cost and product consistency of the cell. The Qending cell released in 2022 adopts the third-generation limit structure design. It is an innovative platform technology for structure, process and manufacturing. At the same time, the reliability of booster cell in life cycle application. In extreme manufacturing, the minimum investment of fixed assets is used to maximize the single-line manufacturing capacity. At the same time, the management of Ruipu Lanjun has been constantly upgraded and improved after countless audits by first-class customers at home and abroad in different application fields. No matter the power or energy storage products, it adopts first-class automobile gauge level manufacturing methods at home and abroad, lean quality control of the whole process and advanced GK management, so as to achieve the ultimate quality of products and continuously reduce manufacturing costs. In terms of acme factory, it adopts the international perspective of low-carbon development, combines intelligent energy management with green electricity application, and builds a new generation of zero-carbon factory. In the construction of new bases, it actively promotes the construction of zero-carbon construction and the construction of data-based intelligent factory. Based on the three dimensions of polar core design, extreme manufacturing and extreme factory, Rupu Lanjun has established a perfect management system and global product standard certification. In quality management, environmental management, information security, social responsibility has been certified at home and abroad, but also is carrying out ISO14067 certification. Both power and energy storage products have obtained the standard testing and certification of many countries and regions at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Ruipulan Jun pays great attention to the safety performance, especially the thermal runaway performance. All kinds of products not only adopt the national standard, but also adopt UL9540A to test and verify the levels of batteries, modules, systems and battery clusters. At present, the supporting models of Ruipu Lanjun battery cover the mainstream customers at home and abroad, the mileage from 200 km to 700 km, in the next three years, Ruipu Lanjun will still adhere to the product strategy of dynamic storage linkage, promote the application of high nickel, silicon carbon anode, semi-solid battery, composite system, and further cover the range of 700-1000 km or more products.
The National Development and Reform Commission has carried out field investigations to study efforts to maintain supply and price of iron ore
The National Development and Reform Commission has carried out field investigations to study efforts to maintain supply and price of iron ore
Recently, the Price Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, together with relevant parties, went to Qingdao Port and Tangshan Port to conduct research, learn about iron ore inventories and stockpiling charges at the ports, analyze and evaluate the situation of the iron ore market and price, and study the work of ensuring supply and stable price of iron ore. During the period, the research group organized some iron ore trading enterprises to hold special meetings to remind and warn iron ore trading enterprises to operate according to law and not to hoard and drive up prices. The National Development and Reform Commission pays close attention to the changes in the iron ore market. In response to the sharp rise in iron ore prices for some time, it will work with relevant departments to actively study and adopt measures to ensure supply, adjust demand and supervise the market, so as to curb the unreasonable rise in iron ore prices and promote the smooth operation of the iron ore market
In February 2023, the planned amount of domestic stainless steel crude steel is about 2.81 million tons, an increase of 420,000 tons from the previous month
In February 2023, the planned amount of domestic stainless steel crude steel is about 2.81 million tons, an increase of 420,000 tons from the previous month
In September 2022, the crude steel output of domestic stainless steel enterprises above designated size was 2,708,200 tons, a month-on-month increase of 398,400 tons, or 17.25%; An increase of 175,900 tons, or 6.95%, year-on-year. Production by all departments rebounded in September. Details of departmental output are as follows: The output of 200 series was 947,800 tons, an increase of 149,100 tons from the previous month, an increase of 18.66%, and 244,100 tons from the previous year, an increase of 34.69%. The output of 300 series was 1,368,200 tons, with a month-on-month increase of 140,100 tons, or 11.41%, and a year-on-year increase of 45,700 tons, or 3.46%. The output of 400 series is 392,200 tons, an increase of 109,300 tons from the previous month, an increase of 38.64%, and a decrease of 113,900 tons from the previous year, a decrease of 22.51%
Baowu annual Conference: Hold high the banner, unite and strive, go all out to speed up the construction of a world-class great enterprise!
Baowu annual Conference: Hold high the banner, unite and strive, go all out to speed up the construction of a world-class great enterprise!
In his speech, Chen Derong first reviewed the major work in 2022. He said that 2022 will be a milestone year in the history of the Party and the country, as well as an extremely important year in Baowu's history. The CPC Central Committee, taking into account the overall strategy for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the profound changes unseen in the world in a century, successfully convened the Party's 20th National Congress and drew up a grand blueprint for comprehensively building a modern socialist country. In particular, we have iteratively upgraded the company's mission, vision and strategic objectives, become the first batch of central enterprises to be converted into state-owned capital investment companies, assume the responsibilities of the new low-carbon metallurgy modern industrial chain leader, enter the Fortune Global 500 top 50 for the first time, and embark on a new journey to build a world-class great enterprise. We conscientiously studied, propagated and implemented the Party's 20 Guiding Principles, and always studied deeply and practiced earnestly. We are on a new journey to build a world-class great enterprise. We will give full play to the leading role and strategic support of the state-owned economy. We will be the star of steady economic growth, the forerunner of scientific and technological innovation, the leader of the construction of a modern industrial chain of new low-carbon metallurgy, the practice of optimizing the layout and restructuring of the state-owned economy, and the demonstration of the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises. We have comprehensively strengthened Party leadership and Party building. The year 2022 is not easy for Baowu people. We have shoulded heavy burdens and faced difficulties head on. With firm faith, we have started a new journey of world-class development.   Chen Derong analyzed the next stage of the situation and tasks, and clear the overall work requirements. He pointed out that the Party's 20 major institutions have outlined a blueprint for building a strong socialist country in all respects, defined the goals and tasks for the development of the Party and the country in a new era and a new journey, and made a major conclusion that "high-quality development is the primary task for comprehensively building a modern socialist country." As for the reform and development of state assets and state-owned enterprises, it is required to "accelerate the optimization of the layout and structural adjustment of the state economy, promote state capital and state-owned enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises," "promote entrepreneurship, and accelerate the construction of world-class enterprises." The Central Economic Work Conference pointed out that China's development is now standing at a new and higher historical starting point. We should strengthen our confidence in economic work and make new achievements in promoting high-quality development with a new atmosphere and innovation. The Meeting of heads of Enterprises of the Central Committee called on us to further strengthen, improve and expand state capital and state-owned enterprises, accelerate the building of world-class enterprises in all respects, and take the lead in promoting overall economic improvement and achieving effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity. In light of the new requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on strategic deployment, we have many problems that need to be resolved in order to achieve our goal of building a world-class enterprise. The main performance is: first, the overall operation efficiency is not high, there is no scale effect based on professional integration, which is the most urgent problem Baowu is facing now. Second, high-tech transformation is a long and arduous task. Scientific and technological innovation is still in the upgrading stage from "follow" "parallel" to "lead", and has not shown the role of the source of original technology. Third, the layout of industrial structure is not reasonable, the quality of development is not ideal. Fourth, international development lags behind. It is still only a domestic enterprise with limited resource allocation and low efficiency. Fifth, the state - owned capital investment company "shape but lack of spirit". Sixth, high-quality Party building is not leading high-quality development.
To contribute to the high-quality development of China's magnesium industry, the
To contribute to the high-quality development of China's magnesium industry, the "Baowu Power" National Magnesium Industry Conference 2022 and the 25th Annual Meeting of Magnesium Branch was successfully held
From November 10 to 11, the 2022 National Magnesium Conference and the 25th Annual Meeting of Magnesium Branch, organized by Baosteel and Anhui Baomai, was successfully held in Chizhou City, Anhui Province. Baowu put forward in the conference, Baowu will earnestly study and implement the Party's 20 spirit, implement the new development concept, is committed to the development of higher level of magnesium based materials, the United States "magnesium", for the high-quality development of our magnesium industry, for the realization of the people's yearning for a better life and continue to contribute "Baowu force".   Ge Honglin, Party Secretary and President of the CPPCC Standing Committee, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, He Shushan, Vice Governor of Anhui Provincial People's Government, Gao Jianbing, Deputy General Manager of Baowu Party Committee, Fang Zheng, Party Secretary of Chizhou City and other leaders attended the conference. This conference is co-sponsored by Chizhou Municipal People's Government, Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, and hosted by Qingyang County People's Government, Administrative Committee of Jiangnan Emerging Industry Concentration Zone of Wanjiang, Baosteel Metal Anhui Baomai and other organizations. The conference will comprehensively study and implement the Party's 20 major spirits, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, service construction of a new development pattern, gather industry elites, gather collective wisdom, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of magnesium industry.   During the conference, leaders, experts, scholars and industry participants made reports on the new progress of magnesium and magnesium alloy materials, magnesium smelting technology innovation under the background of "double carbon", large-scale application of new magnesium-based materials, and ensuring the safety and control of industrial chain and supply chain. Wang Qiangmin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Baosteel, proposed in the keynote report "Creating a Better Tomorrow of Magnesium" that the future of the global magnesium industry is promising, China's magnesium industry leads the world, Baowu is optimistic about magnesium, Baosteel Metal focuses on magnesium, the magnesium industry will have great potential, the "magnesium" blueprint is slowly launched, and the Baomagnesium project is under comprehensive construction. After completion, the project will have an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of magnesium alloy, becoming the world's leading green intelligent magnesium base material manufacturing base. In order to promote China's magnesium industry to a new level and build a magnesium industry ecosystem, Baosteel is willing to work with all the participants in the whole magnesium industry chain as an industry protector, technology innovator, application promoter and customer service provider, to advance hand in hand, open and win-win, build an ecological environment, create a future together, and create a better "magnesium" tomorrow.   In his speech, Gao Jianbing pointed out that the conference is an important measure for the Chinese magnesium industry to take immediate action to earnestly study and implement the Party's 20 spirit. Magnesium material is a big country, the magnesium industry will be promising. Baowu has long been concerned about magnesium, tracking magnesium, but also the development of magnesium prospects are fully optimistic. Baosteel metal focusing on magnesium is the strategic layout of Baowu to consolidate the leading position in the steel industry and develop strategic new industries in the field of new materials. Baowu and Yunhai Metal cooperation to promote Anhui Baomagnesium project, is in full swing construction, which is the layout of Baowu magnesium material industry symbol project. Baowu will earnestly study and implement the Party's twenty great spirits, implement new development concepts, promote high-quality development, and more firmly adhere to the strategic choice of "the ambition of Baowu people is far more than steel, and the vision and pattern are far beyond steel". Baowu will continue to climb beyond, innovate and iterate, and carry out more in-depth, pragmatic and effective cooperation and collaboration with colleagues in magnesium-based materials and related industries. We have launched a series of high-quality steel and advanced materials to meet the development needs of the new era, especially to develop a higher level of magnesium-based materials. We share the "magnesium", and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of our magnesium industry and the realization of people's yearning for a better life! He Shushan pointed out in his speech that accelerating the development of the new materials industry is an important strategic deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, and a major task of building a strong manufacturing country. In recent years, with the joint efforts of relevant national departments and local governments, our technology research and industrial development of magnesium matrix composite has reached the advanced world level, and the important discourse power in the world has been grasped. The new magnesium matrix material industry has ushered in new development opportunities. Anhui Provincial Party Committee and government attach great importance to the development of magnesium-based new material industry, and will continue to strengthen the "leading + supporting", "science and innovation + industry", "base + fund", "energy conservation + carbon reduction" and other measures to accelerate the cultivation of 100 billion scale of world-class industrial clusters. Ge Honglin put forward five requirements for the future development of magnesium industry: first, adhere to the new development concept; Second, we need to pursue independent innovation. Third, we need to pursue green and high-end development. Fourth, we will continue to expand its application. Fifth, we should adhere to the national strategy and build a new pattern of double circulation in magnesium industry. Leaders from Anhui Province, Chizhou City of Anhui Province, Hebi City of Henan Province, Yulin City of Shaanxi Province, Qingyang County and Fugu County of Shaanxi Province, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, and representatives from the production, trade, terminal application, investment, technology and other fields of the magnesium industry chain attended the meeting.
Increase the proportion of renewable energy used in electrolytic aluminum to over 30 percent by 2030 The Implementation Plan for Synergistic Effect of Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction was published
Increase the proportion of renewable energy used in electrolytic aluminum to over 30 percent by 2030 The Implementation Plan for Synergistic Effect of Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction was published
Seven government departments, including the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the National Energy Administration, jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Synergies in Pollution and Carbon Reduction. The plan adheres to the working principles of highlighting synergies, strengthening source prevention and control, optimizing technological pathways, focusing on mechanism innovation, and encouraging pilot trials. It puts forward important tasks and measures in six main aspects, including strengthening source prevention and control, highlighting key areas, and optimizing environmental governance.   To strengthen the prevention and control of the source, the plan specifies that we will strengthen the management of access to the ecological environment, and prohibit new production capacity of steel, coking, oil refining, electrolytic aluminum, cement, and flat glass (excluding photovoltaic glass) in key areas for air pollution prevention and control. We will promote green and low-carbon energy transformation. As a whole can   We will promote source security and green and low-carbon development, and promote a clean and low-carbon energy supply system and electrification of terminal energy consumption. We will take action to replace renewable energy and increase the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption. Coal power projects will be strictly controlled, and coal consumption will be strictly and rationally controlled for a long time during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and gradually reduced during the 15th Five-Year Plan period. We will focus on reducing bulk coal and other non-electric coal, and prohibit the construction of new (expanded) coal-fired power plants outside the areas permitted by national policies. We will continue to promote clean winter heating in northern China. The newly renovated and expanded industrial furnaces will use clean and low-carbon energy, optimize the way natural gas is used, give priority to ensuring residential gas consumption, and orderly promote the replacement of industrial coal and agricultural coal and natural gas. In terms of highlighting key areas, the plan is clear, and we will promote synergies in the industrial sector. In accordance with the law, we will carry out mandatory cleaner production audits for enterprises with "double super and double high energy consumption", carry out cleaner production transformation in key industries, and promote a number of key enterprises to reach the leading international level. To study and establish a long-term mechanism for overcapacity reduction in steel and coking industries under the constraints of atmospheric environmental capacity, and gradually reduce the number of independent sintering and hot rolling enterprises. The cement industry will accelerate the replacement of raw fuel, the petrochemical industry will accelerate the promotion of oil reduction and chemical improvement, the aluminum industry will increase the proportion of recycled aluminum, promote efficient and low-carbon technology, and accelerate the development of recycled non-ferrous metal industry. By 2025, the output of recycled aluminum will reach 11.5 million tons, and the proportion of electrolytic aluminum using renewable energy will increase to over 30 percent by 2030. We will promote the deep coupling of energy and resources from smelting by-products with the building materials, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Enterprises in key industries will be encouraged to explore the adoption of collaborative technologies for controlling multiple pollutants and greenhouse gases, and carry out collaborative innovation. Promote the industrial application of carbon capture, utilization and storage technology. In terms of optimizing environmental governance, the plan said that coordinated control of solid waste pollution prevention and control should be promoted. We will strengthen the recovery and comprehensive utilization of resources and strengthen the construction of "waste-free cities".   We will promote the use of industrial solid waste resources, such as coal gangue, fly ash, tailings and smelting slag, or replace raw materials for building materials production. By 2025, we will increase the comprehensive utilization rate of bulk solid waste by 60% and reduce the stock of bulk solid waste in an orderly manner. A person in charge of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said that at present, China's ecological civilization construction is faced with two strategic tasks, namely, fundamental improvement of the ecological environment and carbon peaking and carbon neutralization. Coordinated promotion of pollution reduction and carbon reduction has become an inevitable choice for the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development in the new stage of development. The plan jointly issued by the seven departments is an important part of the "1+N" policy system of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, which is of great significance to further optimize ecological environment governance, form a coordinated work pattern of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, help build a beautiful China and achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.
China Baowu, Vale and Xinhai Technology signed an agreement
China Baowu, Vale and Xinhai Technology signed an agreement
On June 24, the cooperation framework agreement (PCFA) on the construction and operation project of bhadobi nickel-iron in Indonesia was signed simultaneously in Shanghai and Jakarta, Indonesia. China Baowu Steel Group, Vale Indonesia and Sinhai Technology will join forces to build and operate the Ferro-Nickel project in Morowali County, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Mr. Chen Derong, Chairman and Party Secretary of Baowu, Mr. Berendor, CEO of Vale, and Mr. Wang Wenguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Xinhai Technology attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Wei Chengwen, General Manager of TISCO Group, Wang Wenlong, Chairman of Xinhai Technology, and Faibriani Addy, CEO of Vale Indonesia signed the framework agreement on behalf of the three parties respectively.   Vale Indonesia   Vale is one of the world's largest producers of iron ore and has the largest deposits of high-quality nickel in Indonesia. Vale Indonesia, a listed company on the Indonesian stock exchange, operates an open pit mine and supporting facilities to produce high-grade nickel ice with a rated annual production capacity of about 75,000 tons.   Xin sea science and technology   It is the pioneer of the integrated model of nickel and electricity in China. With mature experience in the production of nickel and iron, rich experience in the construction of nickel and iron projects and strong technical strength, it has formed an annual production capacity of 1.8 million tons of high nickel alloy, 50,000 tons of aminoacetic acid and 6 billion kilowatt-hours, of which high nickel alloy products account for 30% of the national market share.   Taigang group   Baowu stainless steel industry is China's integrated operation platform, shouldering the global leadership of Baowu stainless steel industry mission. By 2025, China Baowu will take TISCO as the platform to achieve a stainless steel industry scale of 18 million tons. With the leap-forward development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the demand for nickel resources in the future will be in the scale of millions of metal tons.   Under the agreement, TISCO and Xinhai will initially set up a Chinese joint venture, followed by a joint venture with Vale Indonesia, in which Vale holds a 49 per cent stake. The project includes eight RKEF smelting lines and other supporting facilities, and is expected to produce 73,000 tons of nickel per year. The project will use a natural gas power station to power the smelter, and the physical smelter will reduce carbon emissions by 60%.   'China is not only a major market for Vale's iron ore and pellets, but also a key partner for us in logistics, blending and innovation,' Mr. Berendor said in his address. We are pleased to see this partnership expand to other countries to bring responsible development to the region. Vale looks forward to all parties working together to achieve common prosperity across national boundaries and language barriers.   Wang Wenguang said that Xinhai Science and Technology has mastered the RKEF technology, which is the most efficient in energy utilization, the best in environmental protection and benefits, and has realized the efficient utilization of energy and ultra-low emissions. Xinhai Technology has the confidence and ability to build the project as a model for the green and healthy development of Indonesia's nickel-iron industry.   In his speech, Chen Derong pointed out that Vale and Xinhai Technology are outstanding enterprises with important influence in their respective industries. He expects that both sides can further participate in the construction of high-quality steel ecosystem in Baowu, China, and jointly build a green, low-carbon, high-tech and efficient steel industry chain. The Indonesian Ferro-Nickel Project combines energy-efficient RKEF smelting technology with green and low-carbon gas-fired power generation technology, and is expected to become a benchmark project for green production in the Ferro-Nickel industry. China Baowu will further increase resources allocation and fully support this project. It is believed that through the sincere cooperation of the three parties, a ferro-nickel project integrating green, high-quality and intelligent products will be built in Indonesia, leading the development direction of the global ferro-nickel industry, and achieving win-win development for all parties and the local people.
Meigang thick specifications pickling products off the line
Meigang thick specifications pickling products off the line
On the morning of June 25th, the on-site witness meeting of thick pickling products of Baosteel Meishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd was held in Meishan Iron and Steel Cold Rolling Mill.   9:03 a.m., "All ready for production!" , with Meigang cold rolling mill thick specification pickling production line debugging knife row monitor video link report, China Baowu Party Committee Standing Committee, Baosteel Party Secretary, Chairman Zou Jixin under the production line start order. At 9:18, the first roll of the thick pickling production line was successfully off the production line!   As one of the milestone projects for Baosteel to meet the centenary of the founding of the Party, Meishan Iron and Steel's thick-gauge pickling production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons has been fully completed and put into operation, marking that Baosteel's four major manufacturing bases have five continuous pickling production lines, and the annual production capacity will exceed 4 million tons, ranking first in the world! The thickest thickness of pickling products is expanded to 12.7mm, realizing the comprehensive coverage of industry, thickness and variety, and having the production capacity to provide users with a full range of products!   MeiGang thick specifications is baosteel pickling production line to comply with state environmental protection policy trends, combined with baosteel pickling series of the development of the overall planning, according to the international first-class standard pour make only a thick pickling line, expand the commercial super thick, high strength automobile steel and high carbon steel and high alloy hot-rolled pickling fine blanking of the domestic market, It fills the production gap of Baosteel's ultra thick specification and high carbon steel hot rolled pickling plate products, and also achieves the full specification and variety coverage of Meishan's pickling products of 1.2-12.7mm.   At the ceremony, Zou Jixin awarded the banner of "Four Achievement" to the director of Meigang Cold Rolling Mill to encourage all the staff of the mill to work hard to achieve the "Four Achievement" goal of the production line as soon as possible and make further achievements.   Shi Bing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Baosteel, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Meishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., said that Meishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. will strive to become the strongest high-quality production base of hot rolled automobile steel, fine blanking steel and low carbon steel in China in 2025, build the "double world-class" production line of aluminized zinc plating and pickling, and enhance the unique "double green product" production level in the field of cold rolling in China.   At the scene, Shanghai Haili Electric Appliance, Baosteel Marketing Center (Baosteel International), Meishan steel three parties also signed the Party committee co-construction agreement.
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