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Tisco bimetal saw blade with steel instead of imported

November 9, 2022

Latest company news about Tisco bimetal saw blade with steel instead of imported

Recently, TISCO bimetal saw blade successfully entered a German-funded enterprise to replace imported products.


Bimetallic saw blade steel also called hot rolled alloy tool steel X32, alloy content up to 8%. The annual demand of this product in the domestic market is about 25,000 tons, and the related industries all use imported materials. After 2016, only a small number of domestic steel enterprises led by TISCO have the production capacity of this product. However, this product poses a huge challenge to the manufacturing capacity of the existing steelmaking and hot rolling production lines in terms of composition, strength and brittleness of materials, and at the same time, the structure and performance of steel coil are unstable.


In the face of production difficulties and market challenges, TISCO marketing center, technology center and hot rolling mill play the spirit of facing the difficulties and fighting repeatedly, adhere to the close communication with users, constantly optimize the ingredients, adjust the rolling scheme and annealing process, has been the end user of many domestic saw blade production enterprises highly recognized. In 2020, TISCO's market share of bimetal saw blade steel reached more than 50%, becoming the only steel production enterprise with stable supply capacity in China.


A German-funded enterprise has nine production bases in Europe, Asia and North and South America, providing 780,000 tons of personalized, differentiated high quality cold rolled products to the world every year. The annual demand of bimetal saw blade in China is about 5,000 tons, and materials imported from Germany have been used since its establishment. Over the years, TISCO marketing, technical personnel continue to communicate with its related technology, production. At the end of February 2022, TISCO's marketing center, technology center and hot rolling mill worked closely together to seize the favorable opportunity and target the pain points of unstable delivery time and high manufacturing cost of imported raw materials. In April, TISCO successfully supplied 395 tons of bimetal saw blade steel to the company in terms of ingredient design, hot rolling scheme, delivery time and loading and shipping under the epidemic situation. The trial result is good and has been recognized by the downstream saw blade manufacturers. In August, the company ordered another 600 tons of steel for bimetal saw blades and said it would replace imported products at a later stage.


The successful development of steel for bimetallic saw blade of TISCO not only provides users with a stable and direct domestic supply of goods, and gets rid of the trouble of high price of imported raw materials and unstable delivery time, but also marks the further development of TISCO products on the road of "high precision and new", which lays a good foundation for the replacement of imported high-end precision blanking tool steel in the future, and has a broad application prospect.

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