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To contribute to the high-quality development of China's magnesium industry, the "Baowu Power" National Magnesium Industry Conference 2022 and the 25th Annual Meeting of Magnesium Branch was successfully held

December 13, 2022

Latest company news about To contribute to the high-quality development of China's magnesium industry, the "Baowu Power" National Magnesium Industry Conference 2022 and the 25th Annual Meeting of Magnesium Branch was successfully held

From November 10 to 11, the 2022 National Magnesium Conference and the 25th Annual Meeting of Magnesium Branch, organized by Baosteel and Anhui Baomai, was successfully held in Chizhou City, Anhui Province. Baowu put forward in the conference, Baowu will earnestly study and implement the Party's 20 spirit, implement the new development concept, is committed to the development of higher level of magnesium based materials, the United States "magnesium", for the high-quality development of our magnesium industry, for the realization of the people's yearning for a better life and continue to contribute "Baowu force".


Ge Honglin, Party Secretary and President of the CPPCC Standing Committee, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, He Shushan, Vice Governor of Anhui Provincial People's Government, Gao Jianbing, Deputy General Manager of Baowu Party Committee, Fang Zheng, Party Secretary of Chizhou City and other leaders attended the conference.

This conference is co-sponsored by Chizhou Municipal People's Government, Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, and hosted by Qingyang County People's Government, Administrative Committee of Jiangnan Emerging Industry Concentration Zone of Wanjiang, Baosteel Metal Anhui Baomai and other organizations. The conference will comprehensively study and implement the Party's 20 major spirits, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, service construction of a new development pattern, gather industry elites, gather collective wisdom, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of magnesium industry.


During the conference, leaders, experts, scholars and industry participants made reports on the new progress of magnesium and magnesium alloy materials, magnesium smelting technology innovation under the background of "double carbon", large-scale application of new magnesium-based materials, and ensuring the safety and control of industrial chain and supply chain. Wang Qiangmin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Baosteel, proposed in the keynote report "Creating a Better Tomorrow of Magnesium" that the future of the global magnesium industry is promising, China's magnesium industry leads the world, Baowu is optimistic about magnesium, Baosteel Metal focuses on magnesium, the magnesium industry will have great potential, the "magnesium" blueprint is slowly launched, and the Baomagnesium project is under comprehensive construction. After completion, the project will have an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of magnesium alloy, becoming the world's leading green intelligent magnesium base material manufacturing base. In order to promote China's magnesium industry to a new level and build a magnesium industry ecosystem, Baosteel is willing to work with all the participants in the whole magnesium industry chain as an industry protector, technology innovator, application promoter and customer service provider, to advance hand in hand, open and win-win, build an ecological environment, create a future together, and create a better "magnesium" tomorrow.


In his speech, Gao Jianbing pointed out that the conference is an important measure for the Chinese magnesium industry to take immediate action to earnestly study and implement the Party's 20 spirit. Magnesium material is a big country, the magnesium industry will be promising. Baowu has long been concerned about magnesium, tracking magnesium, but also the development of magnesium prospects are fully optimistic. Baosteel metal focusing on magnesium is the strategic layout of Baowu to consolidate the leading position in the steel industry and develop strategic new industries in the field of new materials. Baowu and Yunhai Metal cooperation to promote Anhui Baomagnesium project, is in full swing construction, which is the layout of Baowu magnesium material industry symbol project.

Baowu will earnestly study and implement the Party's twenty great spirits, implement new development concepts, promote high-quality development, and more firmly adhere to the strategic choice of "the ambition of Baowu people is far more than steel, and the vision and pattern are far beyond steel". Baowu will continue to climb beyond, innovate and iterate, and carry out more in-depth, pragmatic and effective cooperation and collaboration with colleagues in magnesium-based materials and related industries. We have launched a series of high-quality steel and advanced materials to meet the development needs of the new era, especially to develop a higher level of magnesium-based materials. We share the "magnesium", and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of our magnesium industry and the realization of people's yearning for a better life!

He Shushan pointed out in his speech that accelerating the development of the new materials industry is an important strategic deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, and a major task of building a strong manufacturing country. In recent years, with the joint efforts of relevant national departments and local governments, our technology research and industrial development of magnesium matrix composite has reached the advanced world level, and the important discourse power in the world has been grasped. The new magnesium matrix material industry has ushered in new development opportunities. Anhui Provincial Party Committee and government attach great importance to the development of magnesium-based new material industry, and will continue to strengthen the "leading + supporting", "science and innovation + industry", "base + fund", "energy conservation + carbon reduction" and other measures to accelerate the cultivation of 100 billion scale of world-class industrial clusters.

Ge Honglin put forward five requirements for the future development of magnesium industry: first, adhere to the new development concept; Second, we need to pursue independent innovation. Third, we need to pursue green and high-end development. Fourth, we will continue to expand its application. Fifth, we should adhere to the national strategy and build a new pattern of double circulation in magnesium industry.

Leaders from Anhui Province, Chizhou City of Anhui Province, Hebi City of Henan Province, Yulin City of Shaanxi Province, Qingyang County and Fugu County of Shaanxi Province, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, and representatives from the production, trade, terminal application, investment, technology and other fields of the magnesium industry chain attended the meeting.

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